CEO Greeting

"Trust, Technology Development, Customer Impression '"

We deeply appreciate you for your steady support and encouragement to our company, DAESHIN Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Daeshin is a company that manufactures industrial plants, which produce industrial bags, food bags and other types of bag that are closely related to living.
We are contributing to the development of package bag industry of domestic and overseas with constant effort on R&D.

Since 1995, Daeshin has grown along with its customers, and has been devoted to research and development to produce environmental friendly and efficient bags by minimizing pollutants.

As a result, we developed “CI Flexographic printer,” as well as “fully automatic bag production line” and “numerical control cutting machine” which are capable of maximum production with minimum number of people. We are convinced that this has brought innovation to the bag production industry and has achieved a level of technology and quality which is suitable for the world market.

Based on our customers’ trust, we will do our best to be a company that responds to the global era.

We will devote our enthusiasm to satisfy our customers and to enlarge your productivity, and we always expect to hear our customers’ generous advice and encouragement.

Wishing the development and good luck of your company…
Thank you.